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Friday November 4

Meteorites – touching our solar system from Earth!

Dr. Henning Haack – Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

Meteorites provide us with unique samples from bodies across the inner solar system. We have samples of Mars and the Moon and primitive samples of the material from which the solar system formed but also samples of core, mantle, and crust of many differentiated meteorites. Many of these unique rocks date back to the birth of our solar system and can tell us when and how the solar system formed, how planets evolved and what the building blocks of our own planet were. Henning Haack from Maine Mineral & Gem Museum will talk about the rocks and you will be able to look and touch samples of the many different types of meteorites from the museum’s world-class collection.

 Colloquia are held on Friday afternoon at 3:15 pm,
in Bennett Hall, Room 137, unless otherwise noted

Refreshments are provided beforehand

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