Physics Colloquium


 Colloquia are held on Friday afternoon at 3:15 pm,
in Bennett Hall, Room 140, unless otherwise noted

Snacks are provided before the Colloquium talk

Spring 2017

Speakers are currently being scheduled for the Spring semester. Keep checking back for updates!!

  • February 17 – Dale Kocevski, Colby College: “Illuminating the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection with CANDELS”
  • March 10 – Spring Break
  • March 17 – Spring Break
  • March 31 – Neil Comins, University of Maine: “The Traveler’s Guide to Space”
  • April 7 – Henning Haack, University of Copenhagen: “Origin of the Solar System”
  • April 14 – Jeff Oishi, Bates College: “Instability, Turbulence and Transport in Stellar and Planetary Interiors”
  • April 21 –
  • April 28 – Blake Sturtevant, Bates College: “Extreme Environment Ultrasonic Sensors for Enhanced Geothermal Systems”
  • May 5 – Mark Silverman, Trinity College: “Solar Effects on the Rate of Decay of Certain Radioactive Nuclei”