2007 Leila C. Lowell Award


The University of Maine

has bestowed the

2007 Leila C. Lowell Award


David E. Sturm

The College of Engineering presents the Leila C. Lowell Award to David Sturm for his exceptional service to the Engineering Physics Program.

David has served as the Instructional Laboratory and Lecture Demonstration Specialist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy for ten years.  He is the “behind the scenes” person who provides the critical support that assures that all of the introductory physics courses run smoothly.  He sets up and takes down lecture demonstration equipment, and he oversees the handling of instructional laboratory experiments, including the training and supervision of teaching assistants.  Lecture demonstrations are always set up on time and working.  Laboratory equipment is there and working when the students need it.

David is also the lynch-pin of most of our physics outreach programs, and as such, he brings “cool” demonstrations to high school, middle school, and even elementary school students all over the state, through the Mainely Physics Road Show and school visits to our campus. He also coordinates demonstration booths at multiple University/community venues throughout the year, such as the Maine Engineering Expo, the Discovery Museum, 4H, and the Funtown/Splashtown amusement park. Altogether, over 6000 were in attendance this past year at almost 70 shows and presentations for which David was the primary organizer (and often the only presenter).

David is active on the national and regional physics instructional technology and informal education (outreach) scenes, and this year he was elected vice president of the national Physics Instructional Resource Association, slated to assume the presidency next year.

Almost all Engineering and Engineering Technology students attend a UMaine introductory physics course.  In his role, David supports the education of hundreds of engineering students every year, and he is a key component of UMaine undergraduate recruitment efforts for students in the science, engineering, and technology areas.  David’s contributions to our mission are richly deserving of recognition through this award.

Presented this day, November 2, 2007


Dana N. Humphrey, Dean