Career Opportunities

Physics is everywhere in our daily lives. Physics is why boomerangs return, waves crash on the beach, and soda fizzes. Physics is the foundation of all other physical and applied sciences, with the universe as a laboratory.

Typical Starting Salaries of Physics Bachelors

Physics Bachelor Degree Statistics

Graduate Student Career Opportunities

Where do physicists work?

Many physicists work in laboratories for universities, government, or private institutions, or teach at the secondary or college level.  But there are many career options open to physicists.

Here are some unexpected uses of a physics degree:

  • Evaluating risk-return-market impact financial models on Wall Street.
  • Developing new golf ball dimple patterns and researching the subjective properties of sporting equipment.
  • Improving pattern-recognition software used in fingerprint identification for the FBI.
  • Creating cursive handwriting recognition software for the Census Bureau.
  • Researching the electrical signals in the brain and nervous system, looking for patterns of use.
  • Applying wavelet theory to oceanography to predict climate behaviors.
  • Creating models for advanced data transmission (satellite, email, Web).
  • Designing acoustical and amplification structures for concert halls.
  • Engineering equipment to reduce drag and increase traction for NASCAR.