Samuel T. Hess

Samuel T. Hess Sam-Hess_1846
Associate Professor of Physics

  • B.S., Physics, Yale University, 1995
  • M.S., Physics, Cornell University, 1998
  • Ph.D., Physics, Cornell University, 2002

Office: 313 Bennett Hall

Phone: (207)581-1036


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Research Interests:

  • Experimental and Theoretical Biophysics,
  • Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy,
  • Function and Lateral Organization of Biomembranes,
  • Single Molecule Fluorescence Photophysics,
  • Green Fluorescent Proteins.

Recent Presentations:

Recent publications:

“Precisely and accurately localizing single emitters in fluorescence microscopy: state-of-the-art and best practice,” Hendrik Deschout, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, Michael Mlodzianoski*, Alberto Diaspro, Joerg Bewersdorf, Samuel T. Hess, and Kevin Braeckmans, Nature Methods, accepted.

“Visualizing the Molecular Timing of a Physiological Decision at the Nanoscale,” Samuel T. Hess and Julie A. Gosse, Biophysical Journal 105:2617-8 (2013).

“Simultaneous Multicolor Imaging of Biological Structures with Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy,” N.M. Curthoys*, M.J. Mlodzianoski*, D. Kim*, and S.T. Hess, Journal of Visualized Experiments (82), e50680 (2013).

“Bleed-through correction for rendering and correlation analysis in multi-colour localization microscopy, “ Dahan Kim,* Nikki M. Curthoys,* Matthew T. Parent,* and Samuel T. Hess, Journal of Optics 15: 094011 (2013).

“Super Resolution Microscopy Reveals that Caveolin-1 is required for antiviral immune response,” Kristin A Gabor,* Chad R Stevens, Matthew J Pietraszewski, Travis J Gould,* Siew Hong Lam, Zhiyuan Gong, Samuel T Hess, Carol H Kim, PLoS One 8: e68759 (2013).

“Actin Mediates the Nanoscale Membrane Organization of the Clustered Membrane Protein Influenza Hemagglutinin” Manasa V. Gudheti*, Nikki M. Curthoys*, Travis J. Gould*, Dahan Kim*, Kristin A. Gabor*, Mudalige S. Gunewardene*, Joshua Zimmerberg, Julie A. Gosse, Carol H. Kim, and Samuel T. Hess, Biophysical Journal, 104: 2182-92 (2013).

“Optical Nanoscopy: From Acquisition to Analysis,” Travis J. Gould*, Samuel T. Hess, Joerg Bewersdorf, Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, 14: 231-54 (2012)

“Nanoscale Imaging of Intracellular Fluorescent Proteins: Breaking the Diffraction Barrier,” T.J. Gould and S. T. Hess, in Methods in Cell Biology, Biophysical Tools for Biologists, Volume 2: Methods in Vivo, H. W. Detrich editor, in press

“Ultra-High Resolution Imaging of biomolecules by Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy,” S. Hess, T. Gould, M. Gunewardene, J. Bewersdorf, and M. Mason, in Methods in Molecular Biology, J.W. Lee editor, in press

“Imaging Molecular Positions and Anisotropies,” T. J. Gould, M.S. Gunewardene, V.V. Verkhusha, J.A. Gosse, and S.T. Hess, Nature Methods 5: 1027-30, 2008

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“Dynamic Clustered Distribution of Hemagglutinin Resolved at 40 nm in Living Cell Membranes Discriminates Between Raft Theories,” S. T. Hess, T. J. Gould, M. V. Gudheti, S.A. Maas, K.D. Mills, and J. Zimmerberg, PNAS 104: 17370-5 (2007)

“Imaging and shape analysis of giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) as model plasma membranes: Effect of trans-DOPC (dielaidoyl phosphatidylcholine) on membrane properties,” M. V. Gudheti, M. Mlodzianoski, and S. T. Hess, Biophysical Journal 93: 1-13 (2007)

Hess, S.T., Gudheti, M.V., Mlodzianoski, M., and Baumgart, T., “Shape analysis of giant vesicles with fluid phase coexistence by laser scanning microscopy to determine curvature, bending elasticity and line tension,” In Methodologies to Study Membrane Lipids, Ed. A. Dopico, Methods in Molecular Biology 400: 367-87 (2007)

“Large-scale Fluid/Fluid Phase Separation of Proteins and Lipids in Giant Plasma Membrane Vesicles,” T. Baumgart, A. Hammond, P. Sengupta, S. Hess, D. Holowka, B. Baird, and W. W. Webb, PNAS 104: 3165-3170 (2007)

“Fluorescence Intermittency Limits Brightness in CdSe/ZnS Nanoparticles Quantified by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy,” J. Rochira, M. Gudheti, T. Gould, R. Laughlin, J. Nadeau, and S. T. Hess, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111: 1695-1708 (2007)

“Ultra-High Resolution Imaging by Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy,” S. T. Hess, T.P.K. Girirajan, and M.D. Mason, Biophysical Journal 91: 4258-4272 (2006)

Hess S.T., Kumar, M., Verma, A., Farrington, J., Kenworthy, A., and Zimmerberg, J., “Quantitative Electron Microscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the Membrane Distribution of Influenza Hemagglutinin,” Journal of Cell Biology 169: 965-976 (2005).

Zimmerberg, J., Kumar, M., Verma, A., Farrington, J., Roth, M., Kenworthy, A., and S.T. Hess, “Studying spatial distributions of influenza hemagglutinin on the plasma membrane of fibroblasts: A work in progress,” Macromolecular Symposia 219: 17-23 (2004)