Richard A. Morrow

Richard A. Morrow Rich Morrow
Professor Emeritus of Physics

  • 1958  B.Sc., Queen’s University
  • 1959  M.Sc., University of British Columbia
  • 1963  Ph.D., Princeton University

Morrow Obituary

Research Interests:

  • Semiconductor theory
  • Theoretical research on the defect chemistry of gallium arsenide.

Native and impurity-related defects are thought to be responsible for the high resistivity of not-intentionally doped gallium arsenide. This semi-insulating material is widely used as a substrate on which to construct various electronic devices by direct ion implantation. Implantation technology requires a number of steps to establish efficient electrical activation of the implanted ions in restricted areas. During this process, the effects of defects in the substrate and of implant annealing conditions are not well understood. Research is aimed at clarifying the nature of defects in melt-grown and epitaxially grown gallium arsenide, how they interact with each other, and how they interact with implanted ions.

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