C. Thomas Hess

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Professor of Physics

Office: 103 Bennett Hall

Office Phone: 207/581-1018


Professor of Physics, University of Maine (September 1982)

Email: hess@maine.edu



1956-1960           Summer Dage Television Division of Thompson, Ramo, Woolridge

1961 Summer     Argonne National Laboratory

1962 Summer     Wabash College

1967-1968           Research Associate, Ohio University

1968-1969           Research Associate, Florida State University

1969-1976          Assistant Professor, University of Maine

1976-1982          Associate Professor, University of Maine

1980-1981          Visiting Associate Professor, University of Texas.  Sabbatical year at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, Texas.

1982-                     Professor, University of Maine



B.A.    Wabash College (Indiana), 1962

Ph.D.   Ohio University, 1967



American Physical Society

American Association of Physics Teachers

Health Physics Society

American Association for Advancement of Science

American Nuclear Society

Sigma Xi

Sigma Pi Sigma



Reviewed Technical Reports:

*Indicates Refereed

*1. Abstract for oral presentation in GSA Northeastern Section 2013 meeting session T7. Naturally Occurring Contaminants in Groundwater Used for Water Supply in the Northeastern United States.

Hydrogeochemical control of arsenic and uranium, radon in domestic wells from bedrock aquifers in central Maine, USA .Qiang Yang1,2, Charles Culbertson3, Robert Marvinney4, Paul Smitherman5, C. Thomas Hess5, and Yan Zheng1, 2



*Indicates Refereed

*1 “A Laboratory Intercomparison of Radon in Water Measurements in Maine”, V.E. Guiseppe, R. Stilwell, and C.T. Hess, Health Physics,91(4), 354-360, October 2006.

*2  “Heavy Metal Contamination from Historic Mining in Upland Soil and Estuarine Sediments of Egypt Bay, Maine, USA”, L.J. Osher, L. Leclerc, G.B. Wiersma, C.T. Hess, V.E. Guiseppe, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 70, 169-179 (2006).

*3 “Spatial Variation of Waterborne Radon and Temporal Variation of Radon in Water at Nine Maine Schools,” V.E. Guiseppe, T.J. Gould, and C.T. Hess, Health Physics, 92(4) 358-365 (2007).

*4 “Designed, Optimization and Calibration of an Automatic Density Gauge for Firn and Ice Cores”, Daniel J. Breton, Gordon S. Hamilton, and C.T. Hess, Glaciology, Vol. 55 (194) pages 1092-1111, 2009.

*5.  “Analyzing Spatial and Temporal Radon-222 Trends in Maine”, Christopher Farah, Kate Beard, C.T. Hess, Janet M. Hock, Health Physics, 102(2):  115-123, February 2012.


Talks with published abstracts


* 1. Vincente Guiseppe, C.T. Hess, “Measurement and Modeling of Dissolved Radon as a Tracer of Groundwater Flow in Wells, American Physical Society Meeting, Dallas Texas, April 2006.

*2 “Environmental Measurements in Orono Me” Anna Schliep and C. T. Hess New England Radiological Health Committee Meeting Oct 19, 2011 Mansfield Mass.

*3 “Diffusion Corrections applied to lead -210 Dating” Doug Cahl and C. T. Hess New England Radiological Health Committee Meeting Oct 19, 2011 Mansfield Mass.