Four successful defenses this week

The department is pleased to report four successful oral defenses this week: two doctoral dissertations and two Honors theses, in four very different research areas in the department.

Matthew Parent successfully defended his dissertation on Tuesday (April 21), Quantification Of Interactions Between Influenza Hemagglutinin And Host Cell Phosphoinositides By Super-Resolution Microscopy, advised by Sam Hess.   (Mat received the 2019 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences award for Excellence in Research last April.)

Amber Hathaway successfully defended her dissertation on Thursday (April 23), Radiometric Dating: A New Technique, advised by C.T. Hess.

Congratulations, Dr. Parent and Dr. Hathaway!


Arianna Giguere received High Honors for her thesis, Applying Cluster Analysis To Student Responses From Energy Surveys For Identification Of Commonalities In Their Understanding, on Wednesday, April 22.  Ari is pursuing a doctoral degree in Imaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Kendall Butler received Highest Honors for his thesis, Simulating the Stability of Observed Low Semi-Major Axis Exoplanetary Systems with Hypothetical Outer Planets Using the Program Mercury6, on Friday April 24.  Kendall is pursuing a doctoral degree in physics at Drexel University.

Congratulations to Arianna and Kendall, and best wishes for the next stage!


More to come as the defenses continue…