Commencement 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 graduates!!!

The Department graduated 3 doctoral candidates, two masters candidates,
and 8 bachelor’s candidates this year. The list is below.

Drs. Batuski, Bernhardt, Stetzer, Thompson, and Wittmann attended
Commencement on behalf of the Department.

Robert Fryer
Synthesis, Structure, and Thermal Stability of Electrically Conductive Co-Evaporated Pt1-xSix Thin Films (Robert Lad, advisor)
Davey Stewart
Zirconium Diboride, Hexagonal Boron Nitride, and Amorphous Alumina Thin Films for High Temperature Applications (Robert Lad, advisor)
Kevin Van De Bogart
Investigating Student Learning of Analog Electronics (MacKenzie Stetzer, advisor)

John Cummings
(Engineering Physics; C. T. Hess, advisor)
William Ferm, Jr.
(Master of Science in Teaching; MacKenzie Stetzer, advisor)
Matthew Valles
(Master of Science, Sam Hess, advisor)


Logan Boyd (BS)
Brandon Clark (BS, Honors)
Mackenzie Dunning (EPS; expected December 2017)
Adam Dusty (EPS)
Catie Gillette (EPS)
John Goulet (EPS)
Ben Hebert (EPS)
Will Johnson (EPS)
Elijah Tabachnick (BS, Honors)


Check out some pictures from Commencement!


Grads 2017