Other Physics News

And in other Physics Department news:

Jace Cohen, a senior Physics major, was the Department’s selection to present his research at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Research Conference, April 26, 2003.

Jeffrey Morgan, a Ph.D. candidate in Physics, working with Assistant Professor Michael Wittmann, was chosen to receive the American Association of Physics Teachers Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2003.

Graduate Students presenting their research during the Student Research and Creative Achievement week, April 19-27, 2003 included:

Former student, Christie Larochelle, Ph.D., “Spectroscopic Properties of Lanthanide Ion complexes of Mixed-Metal (Gold-Silver) Dicyanides”

Travis Gould and Vincente Guiseppe, “Spatial Distribution of Waterborne Radon in Air in a Maine Elementary School Kitchen”

James Kenneally, “Fracture Mechanics in Glaciology” (2nd Place winner)

K. Simon Krughoff, “Independence of Regions Using Non-Linear Optimization Through Simulated Annealing” (2nd Place winner)

Jeffrey T. Morgan, “An Investigation into Student Understanding of Tunneling”

Matthew D. Robinson, “Local Ordering and Structure in the Ising Antiferromagnet on a Triangular Lattice with Quenched Dilution”

S. Vaitheeswaran, “Interactions of Water Molecules in a Carbon Nanotube with Electric Fields”

Vincente Guiseppe, Ph.D. candidate in Physics, was the Coordinator for this graduate research exposition.