Selected Publications (2001 – 2002)

(Physics and Astronomy faculty names are in bold. UMaine students or former students are underlined. Listing includes publications through 5/02).

“Towards a Chemically Driven Electron Pump”
R.D. Astumian and I Derenyl, Phys. Rev. Lett., 86, 3859-3862, (2001).

“Making Molecules into Motors”
R.D. Astumian, Scientific American, July (2001).

“The Power Spectrum of Rich Clusters on NEar-Gigaparsec Scales”
C. Miller and D. Batuski, Ap.J., 551, 635-642, (2001).

“Possible Detection of Baryonic Fluctuations in the Large-Scale Structure”
C. Miller, R. Nichol, D. Batuski, Ap.J., 555, 68-73, (2001)

“Evidence for Acoustic Oscillations in the Matter Power Spectrum”
C. Miller, R. Nichol, and D. Batuski, Science, 2302-2303, June 22, 2001.
(Also in Science Express, the online rapid publication of the Science Journal, May 25, 2001).

“Comment on: ‘Core reconstruction in pseudopotential calculations’ by J.R. Trail and D.M. Bird,”
K. Brownstein and Mingli Zhou, Phys.Rev.B15, May (2002).

Heavenly Errors, N. Comins, Columbia University Press, June (2001).

“Beyond the Pale”, N. Comins, May (2002), Astronomy Magazine.

“Application of the Interleaved Comb Chopper to TOF Electron Spectrometry”, R.H. Jackson,
L.J. Legore, Z Yang
, P. Kleban, and B.J. Frederick, Surface Science, Vols. 502-503, 240248 (2002).

“Advantages of Maximum Likelihood Methods for PRBS Modulated TOF Electron Spectrometry”,
L.J. Legore, R.H. Jackson, Z. Yang, L.K. DeNoyer, P. Kleban and B.G. Frederick, Surface Science, Vols. 502-503, 232-239, (2002).

“Performance of Zr and Ti Adhesion Layers for Bonding of Platinum Metallization to Sapphite Substrates,” G. Bernhardt, S. Silvestre, N. LeCursi, S.C. Moulzolf, D.J. Frankel, and R.J. Lad, Sensors and Actuators B, 77, 368 (2001).

“Heteroepitaxial Growth of Tungsten Oxide Films on Sapphire for Chemical Gas Sensors,”
S.C. Moulzolf, L.J. LeGore
, and R.J. Lad, Thin Solid Films, 400, 56 (2001).

“Mixed Vanadium-Aluminum Oxide Films for Sensing of Organic Compounds,” C. Baratto,
G. Sberveglieri, I Ricco, G.P. Bernhardt, R.J. Lad, and J.F. Vetelino, Electrochem. Soc. Proc. 18, 470 (2001).

“Defects and Morphology of Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films”, L.J. LeGore, R.J. Lad, S.C. Moulzolf,
J.F. Vetelino, B.G. Frederick, and E.A. Kenik, Thin Solid Films 406, 79 (2002).

“In-situ 4-point Conductivity and Hall Effect Apparatus for Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Measurements of Thin Film Materials”, S.C. Moulzolf, D.J. Frankel, and R.J. Lad, Reviews of Scientific Instruments, 73, 2325 (2002).

Heteroepitaxy of Tungsten Oxide Films on Sapphire and Silicon for Chemiresistive Sensor Applications”, R.J. Lad, IEEE Sensors Symp. Proc. 44.1 (2002).

“Effects of Cholesterol and Temperature on the Permeability of Dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine Bilayers Near the Chain melting Phase Transition”, W.V. Kraske and D.B. Mountcastle, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1514, 159 (2001).

“Inelastic Scattering in Mechanically Treated Niobium Point Contacts,” Paul J. Dolan, Jr., Charles W. Smith and Eugene V. Slobodzian, Bull. Am. Phys. Soc., 47, 408 (2002).

“Surface Tension vs. Buoyancy: Tokar’s Question”, Charles W. Smith and Paul J. Dolan, Jr., The Physics Teacher, 39, 69-70 (2001).

“Blade Coating of a Rough Deformable Substrate,” M. Giri, W.N. Unertl, and D.W. Bousfield, Proc. Advanced Coating Fundamentals Symposium, TAPPI Press, pp. 379-393 (2001).

“Investing Student Understanding of Quantum Physics: Spontaneous Models of Conductivity”,
M.C. Wittmann, R.N. Steinberg, and E.F. Redish, American Journal of Physics, 70:3 218-226 (2002).

“The Object Coordination Class Applied to Wavepulses: Analysing Student Reasoning in Wave Physics”, M.C. Wittmann, International Journal of Science Education, 24:1, 97-118 (2002).