Building Projects

Building Projects completed:

  • The Department completed, in collaboration with Facilities Management, a major renovation of its basement research laboratory wing. This project was supported by the Vice President for Research’s Office. It has created three new laboratories and provides a cluster of space for biosensor and biophysics research for Dean Astumian, Paul Millard, and Karl Bishop. This project has also substantially improved facilities in the existing laboratories.
  • The Department has completed a major renovation of 137 Bennett Hall, the largest lecture theater in the building. The design includes a new seating arrangement which permits convenient formation of small groups of students around tables for activities during lecture. The room can also be used in a traditional lecture format. This project has been supported by substantial alumni donations and funds from the UMaine Classroom Committee.
  • The Department has renovated 201 Bennett Hall as the first room in a two-room Physics and Astronomy Learning Center. This room will serve as a computer classroom and cluster for departmental students. With a Curriculum Fee Grant from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the amount of $23,040, as well as a $10,000 anonymous donation from a departmental friend or alumnus, the Department was able to furnish this room and equip it with eight state-of-the-art computers and software including Mathematica, MathCad, and other specialized software for our majors, as well as the Microsoft Office Suite, etc.