Articles – February/March 2002

Every Breath You Take – Dr. George Bernhardt (Physics Lecturer and Researcher) and Luke Doucette (M.S. Degree Graduate)

Student Focus: Battlefield Sensors – Wendy Kresge (Graduate Student)

The Genome Puzzle: Biophysics – Dr. William Unertl (Physics Professor)

Learning to Love Math and Science – Dr. Susan McKay (Physics Professor), Director, The Center for Science and Math Education Research

Carnegie Mellon Astrophysics Team Report Evidence Of Acoustic Oscillation In Cosmic Microwave BackgroundC. Miller, D. Batuski and Asst. Prof. Robert Nichol (Carnegie Mellon), Science Daily, May 25, 2001

Co-Valedictorian in 2001 – S. Cookson, Maine Perspective, May 7, 2001

The Pull of Physics – K. V. Menchen, Maine Perspective, Apr. 9-23, 2001

Radon in Schools – Mary Jo Norris, Maine Perspective, Feb. 5-19, 2001

Galactic Halos – T. Zeltwanger, N. Comins, Maine Perspective, Jan. 24-Feb. 7, 2000

Discovery of Dense Galactic Superclusters Add New Structural Details to the Universe – Chris Miller and D. Batuski, MaineSci, Jan. 25, 1999

New Gamma Ray Detector Used to Probe Maine’s Environmental Secrets – C.T.Hess, MaineSci, March 22, 1999

UMaine Faculty Awards – C.T. Hess, Maine Perspective, Apr. 23, 1999

The Pattern of Particles – F. Martin Ytreberg, Maine Perspective, November 1-15, 1999

Graduate Student Takes Science to Business Week – N. Andreeva, Maine Perspective, Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 1998